Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Brothers In Arms

Today was a day for a slight change of direction. Whilst I did crack on and block-paint a load of Union Cavalry and a few odds and sods of Union and Reb Infantry, I also decided to complete one of the little vignettes that came in the box of lead from John Preece.

There're some charming little groups in there, many of which I have identified. This particular one I have not yet managed to, though. I suspect, from the other sets I have seen, that this is supposed to be two wounded Rebs staggering back from the battlefield.

But I thought it would have rather more impact if I made the two figures a Johhny Reb and a Billy Yank. Perhaps they are brothers or past friends, both wounded on the same battlefield, and helping each other escape. OK so I'm a bit sentimental, but why not?

Anyway it seemed to work OK, and I was happy with it.


Peter said...

Nice work. I like the idea of the vignettes.


johnpreece said...

and cue the Rolf Harris...

'Two little boys had two little toys....

Seriously, they look very nice. Talking of 30mm I wondered whether the old Jack Scruby line of 30mm were designed to be compatable with SAE. My bet is they were. They are still available and have three different Zouave figures.

Just a thought.


Giles said...

Very nicely executed - I agree it works better as a red and a yank.

Best wishes


Peeler said...

Yep, agreed, that looks well smart, and bound to make people think when they see it on the table. Nice one! :-)

Rob Dean said...

That ends up looking rather like the Maryland monument at Gettysburg. (I'm currently a resident of Maryland, which was a border state contributing troops to both sides in the Civil War.)