Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Battling On.

I eventually decided that it was time to break out the painting kit again and push on with the Battle project. I had just started the Moldovian forces before the Christmas break, and so cracked on with the Infantry and a few AFV's.

The Moldovian AFV camo scheme is quite complex. A base coat of GW Catachan Green is applied, and then GW Vermin Brown and Bubonic Brown are rougly stippled in irregular blotches and patterns over the base colour. Once dry, those blotches are then outlined with GW Chaos Black.

Then the two colours are filled in with another coat of each, and then the Catachan Green base coat, and the Chaos Black lines, are tidied up. Finally the tank is weathered by dry-brushing with GW Kommando Khaki, and areas like the engine deck, gun muzzle and exhausts are stained with a thin black/brown ink wash.

The tracks are painted Boltgun Metal, and then stained with the same black/brown ink wash.

Vehicle tyres are painted with Tamiya NATO Black, which is THE best colour for tyres I have ever found. It dries quickly to a VERY matt black/grey, and the effect is very...um... tyre-like.. Is that a word? It is now.

The Moldovian Infantry are the old Esci US Infantry, re-released by Italeri. They are under-coated in black and then base-coated with GW Camo Green. The webbing and gaiters were Cote D'Arms Faded Khaki, the boots were black, and grenades, equipment and helmets were Catachan Green. The uniforms were then given a wash of GW Dark Green Ink. I did have a go dry-brushing a few with Kommando Khaki, but to be honest it made little or no difference to the look of the figure, so I left the rest with just the ink wash and saved myself a hour or so of work.

Incidently, the little Pagasus BA6 Armoured Cars are a delight to build. The fit of parts is perfect; they virtually snap togther, and produce a dinky little model that looks the part.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
I just found your blog today and love it! The "Battle!" project looks great especialy the 3 tone camo you've been painting which looks great - but then I've always liked interwar armour paint schemes, for some reason they look Polish to me.
With that in mind have thought of adding cavalry and armoured trains into the mix?

all the best


Noverre man said...

Oh Dear, another wonderful blog to spend my time visiting, when I should be painting. Thanks

Peter said...

wonderful progres report. Keep up the good work.
Can't wait to see the models in action on your tabletop and your first Battle battle report.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Chrissy,

Glad to see you back in action with your armored cars and infantry, both of which look very good. It's almost enough to make me dig out my old green plastic soldiers from childhood and. . . No, no. . . I MUST stay focused! But you make that very hard to do.

Best Regards,