Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The 30mm SAE ACW "Themed" Figures.

Here's a shot of the SAE vignette "themed" figures. They will all add a little character to the armies.

I paint all my 30mm ACW in an old-fashioned "Toy Soldier" style. These SAE have much more detail than the current Spencer Smith figures and one doesn't have to paint in what is not there. But even so, they were designed to be toy soldiers, and to be honest even if I had the inclination to do a modern paint job on them, I think it just would not work as art.

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Ross Mac said...

These are shaping up top be 2 very pretty armies. I thing you are spot on with the glossy toy soldier being most fitting for them. Just because they could be painted with shading and detail, doesn't mean they should be.

The little vignettes are interesting, very toy soldierish. Once I paint up that sort of thing, I like to use them so I started using them as markers on the battlefield. For example if a unt fails morale and gets a rtertea 2 moves result, you plop a casualty figure by the unit as a reminder. Better yet if its retire 2 moves, you plop 2 markers down and take one off each move until they recover.

Oh and on the mixed figure look, de rigeur for ragged Rebs is it not?

Great stuff!