Sunday, 15 November 2009

Commands & Colors: Ancients.

A trip to London last week gave me the opportunuity to try and get the latest expansion set for the excellent Commands & Colors Ancients, published by GMT Games.

The series is designed by the rather talented Mr. Richard Borg, and is certainly the most elegant, playable Ancients system I have yet found. On a similar scale to DBA and DBM, it is easier to understand than either, and also has more tactical and historical detail as well as a more challenging and, in my opinion, realistic command system. It gives a fast exciting game that has enough history to satisfy me. Great fun.

This latest box is Expansion 4: Imperial Rome, and contains units to make up the later Imperial Roman Army, plus additional Eastern Empires and Barbarian units to allow players to create many of the latter's foes, such as the Parthians.

Also included are new rules for Cataphract Cavalry and Camels, and the use of Caltrops by designated light foot units, plus some new terrain cards and their rules, and a nice pair of wooden command card holders.

So the heavy box contains 293 wooden blocks, several sheets of stickers for those blocks, a set of new rules and scenarios, 15 new terrain tiles and two wooden card holders. It's around £45 over here, which is not too bad.

I am looking forward to giving John Preece a ring and setting up a couple of quick games over a glass of wine..


johnpreece said...


Peeler said...

Your Blogs looking good Poach, I like the home castings.
Re the C&C counters....I would advise that you do not let the other player mix them all up into one big heap, thinking he's being helpful... :-)

Poacher said...

Thank you, Peeler....

Ref the counters... Only a complete !*^@*! would do that though, so I am not worried.. :-)

Peeler said...

Well that's a bit harsh.
I think only a complete !*^@*! would do it a SECOND time.... :-)