Monday, 2 November 2009

Best Laid Plans

I fully intended to bash out a few dozen home-cast figures today but, as so often happens, the plans went a little awry. And in the end I got nothing done at all, save a few more bits of junk removed from the loft. That diverted my mind, as I now have to think long and hard about which bits of terrain I shall take with me when I move, and which I shall sell on. Do I need two dozen large TSS terrain boards?

And my twice weekly browse of various sites has now put a lot of temptation my way, too. 28mm hard plastic figures were sure to be a wonderful invention, or so I hoped. In the run-up to the first few releases, I anticipated being enamoured of the Perry ACW, but felt sadly let down when I saw them; far too many fiddly little bits, many of them moulded separately for no good reason at all. Too much like hard work.

Their Napoleonics, and the Victrix ones, also seem to feature lots of little parts. For me, the MAIN virtue of hard plastic figure should be that they wouldn't require a lot of preparation work. I had high hopes that the Perry and Victrix Naps might provide a good excuse for me to use them for my fictitious armies, and enable me to leave out all the extra effort involved in home-casting.

But after looking at what was on offer, I turned my back on 28mm hard plastics, and resigned myself to the stench of hot lead.

Until today, when I saw the HaT 28mm hard plastic Napoleonics figures.

Now these are more like it. They are simple moulds, in good poses, and with at most a couple of extra pieces (ie, backpacks) which one can glue on or not, as the fancy takes one. THESE are what I had hoped for when 28mm hard plastics were first announced.

Much depends on cost, of course, but it seems around £12 a box is on the cards. And at a later date they also intend to do Seven Years War stuff, with masters for Prussian Artillery already pictured on their site.

I am also intrigued by the way they have marketed them, with separate boxes for Marching, Action and Command poses. I am one of those old-fashioned people who HATE action poses in Horse and Musket games, and so this means that I don't have to waste around 30% of the figures in every box I buy.

Clever HaT..!!

So what to do?


abdul666 said...

I really enjoyed to discover your blog -rather accidentally I must confess, through your comment on 'Flanderkin Serjeant' about the Blasfhofblog (how many other blogs dealing with Lace Wars ImagiNations am I still unaware of, unfortunately?).
Your 'Charge! War Game' project is impressive and already got a very good start.
Did you already choose the names of your two Warring States?
The ('prototype'?) uniforms already posted are pleasant, combining nicely historical realism' and originality.

Since you link to Stollen, certainly you already know the Emperor vs Elector collective blog, the friendly 'League of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations'? For sure you'd receive a warm welcome there!

I'm looking eagerly forward to enjoy the progress of your project, then the unfolding of the campaigns.
Best regards and wishes,
Jean-Louis aka Louys de Monte-Cristo

P.S.: if I may... I know I'm an obnoxious maniac of easy and secure information retrieval, but for the newcomers who will discover your blog when it reaches a dounting volume in months and years to come... Since you deal with several gaming periods, what about *labelling* your posts accordingly (it can be done a posteriori with the 'Edit posts' utility): Ancients, Lace Wars, ACW, WW2 &c... Don't be misled by the spuperficially 'ephemeral' day-to-day diary appearance of blogging: with time a blog such as yours become a rich and precious 'library' of inspirational and informative files.

abdul666 said...

I'd really like to post a link to your blog on mine, but my personal rule is to use for such 'Fict' links the name of the Imagi-Nation delt with in the blog or site: and I really can't use a construct along the lines of 'Poacherland', 'Braconniere' or 'Wilderheim' on my own initiative!

Poacher said...

Thanks for those kind words and tips, Jean-Louis.

I shall have a shot at indexing the various entries later this week. Sadly housework and looking after a youngster take precedence over most of my gaming and painting activities, so blog entries may well be rare. However, I agree it can soon build up.

I had some basic ideas for the names of the nations and the regiments, but have not settled on any as yet. "Watch this space", I believe is the expression used.


Peeler said...

Looking good Poach! :-)