Sunday, 26 May 2013

Renewing My Vows

Well, I made a vow not to start another project until I had finished the one I was doing.

Was that realistic? Nope.

Because I had forgotten that, as wargamers,  we NEVER finish a project, do we? Seriously?

So I have amended that vow, and now I will not start a new project, until I have completed the one I am working on to the extent that I have a playable army. That is much more realistic. I have already reached that stage with the Assyrians, and the rest of the bits I have still to complete, including the chariots, are simply reinforcements.

And there are so many other armies I want to tackle. I have a large part of the New Kingdom Egyptians purchased, washed and sorted. I picked up three boxes of HaT Theban army sets very cheap, and they are very nice clean figures. I have washed and primed the first unit. I will start on this army before the Egyptians.

I am also tempted by a Late Roman force, and a Parthian cavalry army (even though I hate painting horses!).

Over the last week or so I managed to find the time to finish off a small group of cavalry and the first chariot.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Hi Chrissie,
Nice to hear from you again! It's great to hear that you're happy with your Assyrians and are starting several new projects. You can always add to the Assyrians over tme but wouldn't it be nice to have another army in hand to play against them? Think about doing "period consistent" opponents. The Parthians could have battled against the Late Romans, the Egyptians against the Assyrians, the Thebans...well, there are lots of city states like Sparta and Athens.
Be well and enjoy the summer!
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

Poacher said...

I think I got some of the inspiration for doing the Assyrian and Egyptian armies from the excellent Charles Grant Ancient Wargaming book.

But overall, I am not going to pay too much attention to historical matches, as I simply pick the armies based on which ones are the most colourful and thus will look pretty on the tabletop. :-)

I am also building up an Indian army of the King Porus era, using several boxes of the various HaT sets and the very good Lucky Toys box, which frankly looks like it has been done for them by Caesar. This army has the lot; chariots, cavalry, Infantry and elephants.... Oh, and a Maiden Guard!