Thursday, 14 March 2013

Assyrian Chariots

The Caesar Assyrian chariots are very nice pieces of kit.

They are very well designed and engineered, and clip together without glue. I will use some though, for added strength. They look and are much more solid than the flimsy and brittle HaT ones. They also snap together in seconds. I clipped the parts off the sprue and had a quick test run, and there are no problems at all. I only bothered to trim the excess sprue from the chariot hull in order to ensure the pins fitted, but I will finish the rest later and make a start on it. Unlike the HaT plastic, this stuff is easy to cut with a sharp blade, and does not tear.

I mentioned in my last post that the set does not include a driver. I was going by reports from the excellent Plastic Solider Review site. However, I think they are incorrect. One of the figures is clearly, to me at least, in a characteristic pose for a chariot driver. All one needs to do is remove the pin on his arm, and I wonder if that was the intention. It would also not be hard to convert the figure holding a sword to a driver, at a pinch. I'm actually at a loss as to why he would be using that weapon on a chariot anyway.

So lesson learned. If building a chariot-based army again, I will think long and hard before using HaT chariot models. I dare say not all the HaT chariots are as badly engineered as their Assyrian one, but I'll make sure to check them out first.


CelticCurmudgeon said...

Dear Chrissie,
Do you prime your figures? I noticed that in the picture you seem to employ a variety of paints including Vallejo. If you have not already tried it, the brush on Vallejo Foundation White works very well giving your paint something other than raw paint or metal on which to grab hold.
The models look substantial and definitely an improvement over the others from HaT. Have fun!
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

Poacher said...

Hi Jerry,

I prime with a spray can car acrylic primer, either white or black depending on the figure. I then fill in any missed bits (there's always a few areas it does not reach) with a brush using GW white or black.

The car primer works well. And it's about £3.50 a large can. :-)

Yes, the Caesar chariot is impressive. Very solid.

I know not all HaT chariots are rubbish. I saw the Indian one and that looks pretty chunky and robust. But the engineering on the Caesar kit is lovely.