Sunday, 3 July 2011

Victorian Steam Wars

I am rapidly building up the forces for this game of fictional battles between late 19th centry European nations, and now how enough infantry, cavalry and artillery to make a start on organsing and painting them.

The two resin steam tanks from Ironclad Miniatures have arrived, although I have not yet made them up.

I certainly have enough steam lorries now. I picked up loads on eBay for less than a pound each, which is pretty good value for money. I like using these cheap Ledo and Corgi trucks for my wargames. Admittedly I am not fussy when it comes to getting all the details correct - hence the fictional nature of all my miniatures games - so it matters not to me whether a truck is of the right make and model for a particular foe.

Even when I did historical stuff, I wasn't bothered with "getting it right".For example, here's a Corgi model of what looks like a 1940's lorry. I sprayed it black, then went to work with the acrylic paints, and ended up with a fairly reasonable-looking late war German truck. After all, who's to say the Germans did not use loads of ersatz, comandeered civilian trucks when the need arose?

I intend to do the same with the steam trucks I have bought, although single colour paint schemes will be more appropriate for this era.

This initial batch will mostly be for towing artillery and supplies. I might also invest in a few more and then scratch-build some armour around them, to create some armoured cars/trucks. There are lots of possibilities open to me...

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Maverick Collecting said...

If not 'stranger than'; Truth bears-out fiction....

In Guy Sejure's "The Forgotten Soldier" he records an action against partisans in the great forests of the Russian front, when accompanying a 100 vehicle convoy, in which one of the veicles was a British removal lorry (or pantechnechon were they called?) still with it's civilian graphics.

Probably taken in the push through France in '40...but several years later making up a resupply 'zug' without a repaint!