Saturday, 19 December 2009

More Battle!

I have been rather productive this last month, considering all the other stuff that needs doing around the house in the run-up to Christmas.

The first batch of Vulgarian Infantry is now complete and varnished. Three Vulgarian AFV's and a truck have been completed, as has a Moldovian light tank, and two more Moldovian AFV's, a Panther and a BA-6 armoured car, are on the painting table as we speak.

However, in a day or so the painting table has to be tucked away as the Festive Season approaches. We have a guest coming to stay, a good friend, and she will use this room. I doubt it will be back out for a couple of weeks afterwards, as trips away will limit my free time.

And who knows? After the holiday I might fancy a break from "moderns", and crack on with my old Spencer Smith ACW project, which needs a couple more units finishing off, and some more artillery purchasing for the Rebs.


Peeler said...

Hi Poach, that's a camo paint job and a half! Very well done and good to see, look forward to seeing them on the tabletop in time. Cheers, Peeler

Jaye Schmus said...

Nice work on those vehicles! I recognize the Panther and the BA-6, but what's that little tank in the background?

Poacher said...

@peeler. Thanks, Mark...

The Panther and BA6 are not yet finished. It takes a while to tidy up that camo scheme, as it is labour-intensive.. :-)

@ Jaye. The little tank at the back is an experimental, drawing-board only, German tank. I am using it as a light recon tank and, in different paint schemes, it will equip both nations' forces in this fictional conflict.

We all know how unscrupulous Arms Dealers can be!!